(n) Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning the “Union”. It is the union of the individual with the universe. It is the surrendering of the individual mind to universal mind.

Samadhi is the balance of Ying and Yang, the understanding of the relationship between form and emptiness, relative and absolute. It is the coming into one’s True nature. The birth of this concept originated with a desire to leap into the unknown. It is through the unknown and the stillness that Samadhi arises.

Through yoga, food, and art, Samadhi enables you to reconnect to where you ultimately come from.


Our aim is help people live their lives in full colour. We do this by incorporating the light spectrum, the seven colours of the rainbow in our yoga, food and art.

This automatically raises the energy field and well-being of people through a deep level of mind, body & soul work.

We Believe that every individual has the power to heal themselves so that they can find the state of Samadhi.